Bulk export campaign reports

Picture this, you have 26 campaigns that you want to export all at once in one single sheet:

  • Campaign A
  • Campaign B
  • ⬇️
  • Campaign Z

Lembot allows you to automates this in just a few clicks.

It's super easy, it's super powerful, it's called megabot ✌️

Create megabot

Here is how to create a megabot:

  1. In your dashboard, click "Create a Megabot" button
  2. Go through the 5 steps configuration guide
  3. Click "Save"

And that's it!

You can choose to schedule your megabots so you don't even have to click the button "Run Megabot".

See it in action

In this video, you can see that the megabot is exporting the campaign "Nouvelle campagne Maxime (CGP)", followed by the campaign "Nouvelle campagne Sihem".