Lemlist Campaign Activities

If you want to deep dive into your data, you would probably want to analyze your campaign activities.

This is the most enriched data in lemlist.

Every single email sent, opened, clicked, URL clicked, etc. is an activity. And they are all timestamped.


How to Export Activities

Lemlist does not provide a way to export them.

Lembot does 😎

Create a Bot

When creating a bot, you will be asked what type of data you want to export : reports or activitites.

export lemlist activities - new bot

Follow the steps to finish creating bot:

  • choose your lemlist team and campaign to export the activities from
  • choose your Google spreadsheet, sheet and cell from which to import the activities
  • eventually, schedule automatic export
  • save the bot


Click Run Bot

Few seconds later, all your campaign activities are exported in your gsheet.

See 👇

activities exported in gsheet

First Time Event

If you only care about the first occurence of an event, check out the column isFirst.


The column sequenceStep tells you the step when the event occured.

Watch out, index starts at 0. Meaning that

  • 0 means "step 1"
  • 1 means "step 2"
  • and so on.

Clicked URL

If your prospect clicks on link in your email, an activity of type emailsClicked is created and the clicked URL is available in the column extra.location.

Event Types

Here is the list of all the lemlist event types available in the export

  • emailsSent
  • emailsOpened
  • emailsClicked
  • emailsReplied
  • emailsDone
  • emailsBounced
  • emailsFailed
  • emailsUnsubscribed
  • emailsInterested
  • emailsNotInterested
  • snoozed
  • annotated
  • aircallDone
  • aircallCreated
  • aircallEnded
  • aircallInterested
  • aircallNotInterested
  • apiDone
  • apiInterested
  • apiNotInterested
  • apiFailed
  • linkedinVisitDone
  • linkedinVisitFailed
  • linkedinInviteDone
  • linkedinSent
  • linkedinOpened
  • linkedinInviteAccepted
  • linkedinInviteFailed
  • linkedinSendFailed
  • linkedinReplied
  • linkedinInterested
  • linkedinNotInterested
  • linkedinDone
  • manualDone
  • manualInterested
  • manualNotInterested
  • paused
  • resumed
  • skipped
  • contacted
  • hooked
  • attracted
  • warmed
  • interested
  • skipped
  • notInterested

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