Schedule exports

For every bot or megabot that you create (or edit) you have the option to schedule automatic runs at a precise interval and time.

The weekdays option allows you to update every day of the week except Saturday and Sunday.

You choose what's best for you.

Scheduling is very intuitive as you can see:

Eco-friendly side note 🌳

because we care and we don't hear enough about it in the internet eco-system IMO

It is tempting to schedule automations at the highest refresh rate 🔥

Automating tasks is awesome and I am quite sure it results in lower carbon footprint than us manually opening your browser + pinging lemlist and Google servers, rendering pixels on screen to display the lemlist dashboard and the whole spreadsheet + downloading the CSV + importing + deleting the file. It's impossible to measure how much exactly.

Just keep in mind that every uneccessary exports unnecessarily increases lembot's carbon footprint.

Be reassured, it's not much but you know if we can make a little something for our planet for free, let's do it.

Don't get me wrong, I am not blaming anyone here. Indeed, I have my share of responsibility here because schedule interval is not part of the lembot's pricing: refresh daily or monthly, same price. That's because I trust lembot's users ❤️

Again, if your business requires daily updates then go for it, lembot is better than doing it manually as I said above.


Schedule exports at the frequency your business requires. No need to consume more than necessary. For our planet 🌍