Google API error - [400] Invalid requests[0].pasteData: This action would increase the number of cells in the workbook above the limit of 10000000 cells.

Google Sheets limit of 10000000 cells

Why this error?

Import to Google Sheets failed because this action would exceed the max limit of 10 million cells per spreadsheet.

This is a Google API limitations for spreadsheets:

Up to 10 million cells or 18,278 columns (column ZZZ) for spreadsheets that are created in or converted to Google Sheets.

source: Files you can store in Google Drive -

How to fix it?

Here are some ways to avoid this error:

  • Move sheet in another spreadsheet
  • Reduce the number of campaigns in your megabot

Pay attention: it's 10.000.000 cells per spreadsheet, not per sheet!

A Google spreadsheet is made of multiple sheets.

The limitation applies to the spreadsheet, in other words to the sum of the cells of its sheets.

spreadsheet and its sheets