Lemlist Reports vs. Activities


Also called campaign results.

Lemlist campaign reports give you an overview of your campaign performance.

Reports include both positive and negative metrics for each buddy (lead email, custom vars, date and time email was sent, bounced, replied, opened etc.)

lemlist report

💡 what is the difference between the two red frames?

The first sentAt is the historical value for comptability and the other is the new column for each step.


An activity is created for each action performed in the lemlist ecosystem.

Whenever an email is sent, opened, bounced, a link is clicked, an new event is created.

Each activity is timestamped (date and time).

lemlist activities export

We listed every possible lemlist event types, it's available here.

💡 Activity is the most valuable item for data analysis. Indeed, all reports are build on top of activities.

Lembot is the only way for you to download all activities, see how to ↗️ ✌️