How to Lemlist to Google Sheets

If you want to analyze the results of your campaigns more deeply, you would probably want to import them into Google Sheets.

Here is how to do it.

The easy way

Use lembot 💪

Lembot automates the export of your lemlist campaign results (or activities) to your GSheet.

Follow the step-by-step guide to create your automation:

  • step 1: paste your lemlist API key. At this point lembot automatically presents your campaigns so you can select the one you want to import in Google Sheets.
  • step 2: paste your gsheet URL. At this point lembot automatically presents your spreadsheet's sheets so you can select where you want to import your campaign data.
  • optionally, select which columns to import, schedule automatic export, etc.
  • click Save and / or Run Export

That's it 🤩

Once setup you can run your automation in 1 click, or automatically if you scheduled it (daily, on weekdays, weekly, monthly).

Try lembot for free, no credit card required ↗️

example of a scheduled automation

Without lembot

Choose the only way, the hard way: do it all by hand.

Without lembot things get harder. Here are the steps you need to follow to achieve the same result, all by hand, again, again and all over again every time you want fresh data or change campaigns:

  • open your lemlist dashboard
  • find and click on your campaign
  • click Export
  • wait until the export is ready 😴
  • download the CSV
  • open your Google spreadsheet
  • click File
  • hover Import, click
  • click the Upload tab
  • click Select a file from your device
  • find the right CSV among others on your computer, good luck when file name looks like fil_axp_CvGPWvb3AxzDbFhJQ_campaign_x.csv 🤯
  • choose the right options for your import
  • and finally, click Import data

Let's be honest, it's time-consuming and error-prone work with 0 added value.

Lembot automates all this for you so you can focus on your business.

I prefer the easy way, let's try lembot ↗️

Win 4 hours a week with lembot

And you can do a lot more with lembot:

  • export campaign results
  • export campaign activities: email opened, sent, link clicked, etc... with dates
  • export campaign leads
  • schedule your export every days / weekdays / weeks / months, see how to
  • bulk export your lemlist campaigns, see how to
  • choose which columns to export, see how to
  • add the campaign name to your export, see how to
  • etc.

GDPR compliant

Your privacy is taken seriously at lembot.

We are GDPR compliant, our servers are in the EU and we store only the minimal amount of data to run the service.

For example, we DO NOT store anything about your leads, anything.

Read our Privacy Policy for all the details.

Build lembot with us

We regularly update lembot with new features, see our whats-new page.

All features are based on your feedback so feel free to chat or send an email if you have any suggestions.

Note that lembot is not affiliated with lemlist, we are lemlisters like you and we built lembot to make us more productive.

Ready? Try lembot for free ↗️