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Automatically Export your Lemlist data into Google Sheets

Lembot allows you to export your Lemlist campaign results, activities and leads, in seconds.
So you can build your dashboards 📊 and keep them automatically updated

Heeeeeey lemlisters,

Here is the best
Lemlist to Google Sheets

Win 4 hours a week, let lembot automatically extract your lemlist data right into your GSheets. Backup your lemlist data and keep your dashboards up-to-date without effort.

At anytime, you can run, schedule, edit, delete your automations.

Bulk Export

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Export several campaigns in one click, all in the same sheet one below the others, with automatic columns name matching


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Schedule exports to run daily, weekly, monthly, your choice.

Select Outputs

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Choose which columns to export out of the reports. Keep only the data you care about.

Unlimited Lemlist Teams

Ideal for agencies. Each bot can be configured with the lemlist API key of your choice. There is no limit.

No Code

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Lembot is focus on productivity. Creating bots is super easy, guided step-by-step, all in a beautiful and slick user interface.

GDPR Compliant

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Lembot does not store your campaign data, leads, emails, etc. Once uploaded to GSheet lembot keeps no trace of this data.

What data can you export

Lembot allows you to automatically export the following data, in a very intuitive way.

Campaign Results

Export the lemlist CSV reports to have an overview of your camapaign results.

Campaign Activities

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Export all the details of your campaigns: emails opened, clicked, replies, everything. Timestamped.


Campaign Leads

Export your campaign leads with the custom variables.

Need more power?

We are lemlisters like you who built lembot to improve our productivity. We are continuously improving lembot based on our own ideas and your feedback.
Say hi! Just tell us what you need.


Boards & Insights

Get to know why this campaign performs better. Display boards with campaign performance indications and smart insights.


Quick Access to Lemlist

Open lemlist on the right campaign, the right section (editor, reports, tasks) in one click from lembot.


Transform Data

Reorder and rename columns, transform data, so your sheets look exactly how you want.


Lembot API

Plug Lembot to your favorite automation tool like Zapier, Integromat, n8n etc.

What else?

Let me know in chat if you miss a feature.
I'll code it.

nicolas rateau

After more than a year of using Lemlist, we needed to report the status of our leads in our CRM. With more than 40 active campaigns, Lembot saves us considerable time in retrieving the data and integrating it into Hubspot.


No-tricks pricing

Your time is precious. Stop wasting hours manually exporting CSV files 🤯
Automate this with lembot and keep your database clean, tidy and up-to-date 🦄

$19/ month
  • Unlimited automation

  • Unlimited export

  • Unlimited lemlist team

  • Schedule automatic export

  • Free updates

No credit card required. Cancel anytime.

What does "free updates" include?

We're planning to add new features regularly over time and all new features added will be totally free for existing customers. New features are based on suggestions from customers and on our own needs and ideas. We are super opened to suggestions, feel free to chat.

Can I cancel my plan anytime?

Yes, you can. Just go to the billing section and click on "Cancel plan".

Is lembot affiliated with lemlist?

No. We are lemlisters like you and we built lembot to make us more productive.

Lemlist to Google Sheets

Ready in seconds

Just go through the step-by-step guide to create your automation and that's it. Lembot will make it work by connecting the Google and Lemlist API seemlessly.

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What do you want to export?

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Feature request

Let's build it together

Lembot wants to be the best tool to automate your reports.
How could lembot make your life easier?
Where are your time going? Tell me.