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Automatically export your Lemlist campaign results

Lembot saves you hours of manual export and import from Lemlist to Google Sheets. Say goodbye to Export 😅

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Paste your Lemlist API key

In your account settings ↗, click Show to reveal your key and copy the charabia that looks like 121484f0eeab562679a6f586515b9c5.

Your dashboard

One click

Easy to setup, then it's only one click to export any Lemlist account any campaign report's CSV file in the Google Sheet spreadsheat of your choice.

Save hours

Everything a lemlister needs

A bot is a script that automates the data transfer from Lemlist to Google Sheet.
Lembot's ultimate goal is to be your automation partner throughout your journey with Lemlist. Help me build the tool you want, submit ↗ a feature request.

Unlimited bots

Create as many automations as you need.


Unlimited exports

Never do an Lemlist export CSV and import into Google Sheet by hand again.

Create and save

An intuitive interface to create a new bot and save it for later use.

1, 2... or 1000 Lemlist accounts

Each bot can be configured with the Lemlist account of your choice.

Privacy first

Your data is copied and pasted into your sheet. They are neither stored nor analyzed.

Run on schedule

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Schedule bots precisely, so you don't need to click a single button.


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Lembot's ultimate goal is to be your automation partner throughout your journey with Lemlist.

I am freelance sales agent, have 4 clients, 4 Lemlist accounts and once every week I do export all my campaign reports in Google Sheets to keep my clients updated of my progress. Lembot saves me a lot of time, thank you!

Judith White

CEO at SupaLeads


No-tricks pricing

If you are not satisfied, cancel anytime from your dashboard. No questions asked.

Early Access

  • Unlimited bots

  • Unlimited run export

  • Unlimited Lemlist accounts

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Lembot wants to be the best tool to automate your reports.
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